Advanced web analytics (but GDPR-compliant)

As data privacy laws continue to evolve, it’s essential to ensure that your website’s tracking and analytics practices are compliant with regulations like GDPR. My custom user tracking and analytics solutions are designed to provide you with valuable insights into user behavior on your website, while maintaining full compliance with GDPR and other data privacy laws.

As a WordPress expert, I can help you record user data and gain valuable insights, all while fully compliant with GDPR and similar legal frameworks. I will work with you to configure your website in accordance with the regulation, including but not limited to:
  • Advanced Google Analytics, Google Tag Manager, Matomo setup
  • Privacy-friendly tools instead of privacy nightmares
  • Analysis of recorded user data
  • Data-driven recommendations to improve your website based
  • Cookie Banner and Cookie Blocking based on User Consent
  • Script blocking based on User Consent
  • Legal documents in German and/or English
  • Regular check-ups to stay compliant while your website grows

What User Tracking brings to the table

Analytics tools like Google Analytics and Matomo give you the power to unlock valuable insights about your website’s visitors. Imagine being able to track not just how many people are visiting your site, but also where they’re coming from, what pages they’re visiting, how long they’re staying, which sections of your website were the most engaging, and exactly at what point they decided to leave. With analytics tools, you can measure and learn about your audience’s behavior in ways that were previously impossible.

By measuring things like bounce rate, conversion rates, and click-through rates, you can discover where your website is excelling and where there’s room for improvement. You can learn which pages are most popular and which ones aren’t getting the engagement you hoped for. By tracking user behavior, you can gain a deeper understanding of what your visitors are looking for and how to improve their experience. You can track the performance of your website, your marketing campaigns and your sales funnel, giving you a comprehensive view of your online performance. The data you collect can also help you make informed decisions about budget allocation, and guides you to optimize your website and boost your online business.

Not tracking user behavior on your website on the other hand is like driving a car with your eyes closed. You may be moving forward, but you have no idea where you’re headed or how to get there. Without user tracking, you’re missing out on valuable insights about your visitors and their behavior on your website. You won’t know what pages are popular, where visitors are dropping off, or which marketing campaigns are driving the most conversions. Without this data, you’re flying blind and potentially missing out on opportunities for improvement and growth. Don’t let your website’s potential go untapped – make sure to track user behavior and gain a deeper understanding of your audience with analytics tools.

Ready to Unlock the Power of User Tracking and Analytics?

Take the first step towards improving your website’s performance and driving growth by building advanced user tracking and analytics into your site.

Ensuring GDPR Compliance for Small and Medium Businesses

The General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) is a regulation implemented by the European Union in 2018 that has a significant impact on businesses, including small businesses, that operate websites. As a website owner, you are responsible for ensuring that the data you collect and process on your website is in compliance with GDPR.

For small businesses this can be a daunting task as they may not have the resources or expertise to properly implement the necessary changes. Additionally, non-compliance with GDPR can result in hefty fines, which can put a strain on a small business’s finances.

That’s where my service comes in. I can help small businesses ensure that their website is GDPR compliant by implementing measures such as cookie blocking, using privacy-friendly tools, and creating legal documents such as privacy policies and terms of use. My service includes a review of your website, identification of any areas that may not be compliant, and implementation of the necessary changes to bring your website into compliance with the regulation.

By taking advantage of my service, small business owners can have peace of mind that they are in compliance with the regulation and can focus on running their business without worrying about potential fines. Don’t let non-compliance with GDPR put your business at risk, let me help you set up your website in a compliant manner and give you peace of mind.