Case Study: GmbH is a Berlin-based B2B supplier of customized phone cases, renowned for its high-quality, personalized products. Celebrating their 15th anniversary, sought to undergo a comprehensive rebranding to modernize their image and improve their online presence.

Project Overview approached me with the goal of transforming a sleek, modern design by Jakob Schumacher of Design Office Hamburg into a custom WordPress theme. The main objectives were to enhance website speed, optimize for SEO, and streamline their complex pricing model.

Design and Development

Working closely with Jakob Schumacher’s design, I developed a custom WordPress theme that not only mirrored the modern aesthetics but also ensured optimal performance and SEO compatibility. The design was crafted to be visually appealing and user-friendly.

One of the critical aspects was addressing’s intricate pricing structure. I designed and programmed a custom price table to clearly present multiple levels of bulk discounts and varied prices for addons and different customer categories, including resellers and direct business clients.

Additionally, I customized and extended the Fancy Product Designer plugin. Given that operates in the printing industry, I modified the color selection functionality to use HSL color codes instead of the less common HEX codes.

Challenges and Solutions

  • Complex Pricing Model: Developing a user-friendly custom price table to simplify the understanding of pricing and margins.
  • Plugin Customization: Modifying the Fancy Product Designer plugin to meet the specific needs of the printing industry, particularly with HSL color codes.
  • SEO Optimization: Conducting extensive research on relevant topics and queries to produce high-quality content, thereby enhancing organic traffic.
  • Conversion Rate Optimization:’s client do not make spontaneous purchase decisions. Traditionally many prospects tend to contact the company through mail or phone, leading to extra work for its sales team.

Technologies and Tools Used

SEO and Performance Optimization

  • Content Production: Based on researched topics and queries relevant to’s audience.
  • Performance: Optimization techniques applied to ensure fast loading times and a smooth user experience.

Outcome and Results

  • Conversion Rate: Increased by 60%.
  • Organic Traffic: Doubled post-implementation.
  • Client Satisfaction: expressed high satisfaction with the project outcome, noting significant improvements in both usability and customer engagement.



The project with was a comprehensive success, delivering a modern, efficient, and SEO-optimized website that significantly improved their online presence and business metrics.